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The eyes have been proclaimed through ages as the window of the soul. We now acknowledge them as mirror of the body!

What is iridology?


Iridology is the science of analyzing the delicate structures of the iris of the eye. It is a safe, non-invasive health assessment tool that interprets the wellness of each system and organ in your body by closely observing the coloring, patterns and markings found on the magnified iris.

The iris can indicate a problem at its earliest inception, long before symptoms are present. Thus, Iridology offers a unique perspective on the concept and practice of preventive medicine.

Each iris comes with its own unique pattern of colors, fiber density, and structures, and are a reflection of your genetic inheritance stemming from three generations back. Whether you develop your genetic weakness or not, depends entirely on the way you eat, think, live, and love.

The assessment is simply performed by taking digital pictures of your iris, pupil and sclera. Like fingerprints, no two irises are alike. Each color and marking has a specific meaning for each individual. Each eye gives us different information. The left eye correlates with the left side of our body, which is that feminine, creative, conceptual, and intuitive side of us. The right eye correlates to the right side of our body, which is the masculine, analytical, linear, and practical side of us.

What is holistic iridology?


Holistic Iridology, the system of iris analysis developed by David J. Pesek, Ph.D., includes and goes beyond the physical.

Holistic Iridology is an advance system encompassing not the only the interpretation of genetic influences of the physical (symptoms), but also the conscious and subconscious spiritual (connection to the Divine), mental (thoughts), and emotional (feelings) aspects of the soul's journey throughout its lifetime.

Unhealthy thoughts and emotions adversely affect our DNA as well as our physical health with dis-ease and disease.

Historically, over the past 3,000  years, the practice of iris analysis was done from only a physical perspective.  In the past 40+ years, there has been growing awareness we are much more than physical beings. Science and the awakening of human consciousness both are responsible for this increased awareness. The human experience includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects that are intimately interactive.

You are capable of reprogramming the DNA code to transmute ancestral issues that are not healthy or not for your highest good. The root causes of illness are emotions.

It is important to note that Holistic Iridology is not used for diagnosis. Rather, it is used as a means of assessment for predispositions, conditions, and levels of health.

the Iridologist should be certified through the International Institute of Iridology in Holistic Iridology. This advanced approach to iris analysis, which is now being used worldwide, encompasses various systems that are integrated into a truly holistic model.

True healing begins on the spiritual level first, then into the mental and emotional levels, and finally into the physical body. This is the true nature of the healing process.


"The Iris, Sclera, and Pupil of the eye show the veil the soul has created, through consciousness (or forgetfulness), that reflects the illusion which prepares the soul for attaining the reality of full enlightenment."
-David J, Pesek, Ph.D. September, 1988

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