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All bookings can be made through the phone call only!


Holistic Iridology
In-Person - $220/hr

What does your Iris say about your health?


In-person or Distance- $90/hr

You're drained of energy, stressed, and can't relax? Reiki will help!


Energy Healing
In-person or Distance - $90/hr

Do you feel like you need to recharge your "batteries" and get grounded?

I can help you to relax and clear your mind.

         Personal Birthday Mandala

                   06.05.1957                                                        29.01.1967


                                         CAD 50.00 pkg.

   Do you like Mandalas? What if I told you that through your birth date and certain way of calculations, I can create for you a unique and vibrant color-coded personal mandala?

    Your package includes an A3 format Mandala picture in a clear file, the meaning of colors, and their affection on the energy flow in your body.

By gazing at the center of your mandala it'll subconsciously connect you to your original blueprint and DNA, which will help you to focus on your inner-self.

All mandalas will be shipped, or delivered within the Saskatoon area.

Any questions regarding how the sessions take place by distance, don't hesitate to reach out and I can answer any questions you may have.

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