A short story of my long

awakening journey

My awakening journey started in 2018.

    Most of my life was about survival, so I really didn't have the time to learn or understand myself on a deeper level. But I have always had an interest in esoteric pursuits and philosophy. When I did have time, I read many books on medicine, intuition, philosophers, traditional medicine, herbology, and much more.

    Deep inside my mind, or I can say in my subconsciousness, I KNEW that if I am still alive after all the hardships I faced, I must have a purpose for being here. I am here to do something very important! This subconscious thought has bugged me for SO long. Step by step I start to understand things that happened in my life, analyzing and accepting them as a lessons. I have had many different jobs in my life, I was "searching" for true myself. I am an artistic and creative person, and I've so many interests, but alternative medicine has been always my biggest interest.

   In October 2017, I decided to make some changes on my life path, and I took a course in Holistic Iridology. This course literately opened my eyes and gave me a different perspective on my life, and life in general. I discovered that emotions are "generators" within us, which affects the creation of our own lives.

WE are the ones in control of our emotions, and WE are the artists and creators of our own lives. And yet, everything BAD that has happened in our lives was just another experience, a lesson.  I have learned from my lessons, and it helped me understand my childhood feelings, emotions, and thoughts. And because I accepted it as an experience, I have learned how to "let it go" and have NO regrades, NO blames, NO guilt, and NO shame. It's a wonderful feeling of ease and freedom from the past.

    In the summer of 2018, I went for the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session in Saskatoon with the wonderful practitioner Cynthia Fey. This type of hypnosis allows you to connect with your Higher-self (subconscious, Spirit). Through your past lives, at least a few of them, you'll understand more about yourself, your Soul. What I discover through this session, that my path is to be a healer, and I'm on the Right Path.

   Later, after that session, I've decided to combine Holistic Iridology with other alternative healing methods. Reiki Healing was my next choice, and I took one-on-one classes with Patty Dale. She is a very intuitive, a wonderful teacher and Reiki Master. She told me that I am natural at healing and I have the potential to grow. That was music to my ears.

    I've got two levels of Reiki. Now what?! Still not enough! I found Life Balance Energy Practitioner Program with Celeste Lemieux, who is a  natural healer with a shamanic approach, strong human energy, and knowledge of psychology. This class has shifted my mind much farther to understanding human energy, shamanism, and metaphysics. Celeste surprised me with knowing that I have more hidden gifts within. So, for me, it means there is more inner growth work.  After this class, I feel a true connection with our Mother Earth and Source/God with love and gratitude.

    Now it's time for me to build healing experiences and to help those who need my service. I will continue to explore and learn more in the healing field because in healing there is no end for study and practice.  

   At present time, I've got a special connection with crystals, therefore I've started to create wire wrapped jewelry with crystals. Check my Store here on website, please, you might find your treasure!

And because of my love for creativity and art, in the future, it is possible for me to take classes of Sound and Color Healing Therapy, which I really believe is very efficient to heal the human body, mind, and even soul through our emotions!!!


Sincerely, with love,


Marina Cummins
Holistic Iridologist,
Reiki Level I & II Practitioner,
Life Balance Energy Practitioner
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