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Healing, mindful jewelry with crystals.

Crystals take millions of years to form underground. The way crystals are formed (by repeating chemical structures) is believed by some to imbue them with the ability to hold energies. There are different types of crystals, depending on the type of mineral it's made from, and the conditions it grows in. They are very interactive and rely on you being actively involved in your own spiritual journey.

I have always been interested in crystals and rocks. And the time when I've become a Holistic Healer, I've learned them and connected to them more deeply. I love their looks, texture, and energies. As I'm a creative person, I've decided to introduce crystals to others in a loving look, by putting them in wire wrap jewelry.  Combinations of different types of metal wire are accenting the stone and giving them an aesthetic look.


In my jewelry I've used real copper wire, which is a metal with health benefits; non-tarnish silver, rose gold, brass, and gold plated copper wire, which is permanently coloured and enameled.

Each pendant is very unique. I don't use any patterns to make designs. I just connect with crystal and start creating!  If you like a certain piece and it was Sold out, I can make a replica with your choice of wire, crystal, size, and design.

Wrapping takes some time, I'll say I'm meditating when I'm working with a certain piece.

I have a very big variety of crystals, such as colours, shapes, and sizes.  Some of my pendants are already found their owners (as you see out of stock label).

You will like your new little "friend"! Each pendant will be charged with Reiki energy, cleansed, and blessed for healing, protection, and wellness.  It can be charged for a certain person's name, who will wear it.

All my jewelry will come to you with a gift box or gift bag, a description of the crystal, and a little thank you gift.

Please feel free to contact me through text, email, or phone, if you have questions and requests. I am taking custom orders on wrapping your own crystals too.
Please note: My shop is not mass production, it is a small addition to my healing business. The best way to make an order is through the phone, or email, which will be faster and easier.  Payment could be managed through E-transfer or PayPal.

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