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Lapis Lazuli has various meanings, including truth, wisdom, enlightenment, and inner power. It is often regarded as a stone of self-discovery and spiritual transformation. Lapis lazuli is also connected to royalty, honor, and divine connection. Wearing this piece of jewelry would control your body's blood flow. It is also excellent for treating issues with the thyroid and the throat.

All seven chakras can benefit greatly from Black Opal’s remarkable connection to them. It balances the Root Chakra, grounding us in reality, and connects with the Sacral Chakra, creating passion and creativity, for the Solar Plexus Chakra, yellow colors enhance confidence, while in the Heart Chakra, it fosters love and compassion. It connects with the Throat Chakra, by enhancing speech and self-expression, and the Third Eye Chakra, by elevating intuition, and spiritual awareness in the Crown Chakra.

These powerful crystals are framed by copper wire.

Size of pendant is 2"

Lapis Lazuli & Black Opal

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